Teen Bonfire Parties

Whether you throw a backyard bonfire or build a fire at the beach, bonfire parties are a lot of fun and a good choice for teen parties. Your friends can hang out and chat, roast marshmallows, and enjoy the warmth of the fire with our bonfire party ideas.  Shop now for Bonfire Party Supplies.

Bonfire Safety

You will need an open area for your bonfire and plenty of space for guests. For example, a portable fire pit could be moved off the patio and into an open space in the yard. Do not use flammable liquids to start your fire, as they can be dangerous. Whoever builds the fire should properly arrange the kindling and logs to light the fire naturally.

The bonfire can be started before guests arrive, so that it’s burning nicely when the party begins. Keep a bucket of water nearby just in case, and always be sure to extinguish the fire completely when the party ends.

Bonfire Party Decorations

  • Cover the food table with a red checked tablecloth, use red and white plates, and napkins with a bandanna design (or buy a bunch of cloth bandannas to use as napkins).
  • Western style lanterns on tables and hanging from trees.
  • String clear Christmas-type lights in tree branches and on patio or deck.
  • Use a portable sound system to play background music.
  • Seating for guests can be large logs near the fire, or lawn chairs.
  • Have several trash cans set out so dirty plates and cups don’t end up on the ground.
  • Fill a basket with glow necklaces and bracelets, which are always fun at night.
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Bonfire Party Games

Bonfire party games will depend on the age of your guests, since an older group may want nothing more than to hang around the fire and mingle. Younger teens may appreciate one or two games that are available, but not necessarily organized by a parent. Here are some ideas:

  1. Set up a volleyball net away from the fire.
  2. Nerf football and Frisbee.
  3. Flag football or capture the flag.
  4. A hayride.

Warning to Parents – Keep bedrooms off-limits during the party and lock doors in advance. Outdoors, beware of dark areas where guests might try to sneak off unsupervised.

Bonfire Party Food

  • Roast hot dogs on long sticks.
  • Jiffy Pop brand of popcorn that comes in a foil pan to be used over a fire.
  • S’Mores will always be a hit! Guests can roast their own marshmallows and assemble the classic campfire treat with graham crackers and a piece of chocolate bar.
  • The food table could also include small metal buckets filled with peanuts in the shell, candy, plus knives and forks.

Bonfire Party Favors
Tin Metal Bucket Each

Small (about 5 inches high) metal bucket lined with a bandanna and filled with candy.

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