Teen Disco Party Ideas

A Disco 70’s Party is a great retro theme for a teen party. Your friends can dress in groovy 1970’s styles and dance to all the best disco tunes! Shop here for these Disco Party Supplies.
Disco Party Supplies

Disco Party Invitations

Design your Disco dance party invitations using items popular in the 1970’s like a peace sign, yellow smiley face or a disco ball. Add words at the bottom telling guests to come dressed in 70’s disco style. This can mean bell-bottom pants, platform shoes, big gold chains, polyester shirts with huge collars, shiny satin blouses, mini skirts with patent leather boots, and peace signs.

How to Dress – Are you wondering what to wear to your disco party? Look here for lots of  Disco Party Clothes.

Disco Party Decorations

Disco Party SuppliesDisco Party SuppliesDisco Party Supplies

  • Beaded curtain over doorway.
  • Hang a disco ball from center of ceiling over the dance floor.
  • Strobe lights and a fog machine.
  • Use blacklights hung near some blacklight posters.
  • Set out a few lava lights
  • Anything with the smiley face or the peace sign.
  • Use stand-up disco balls as table centerpieces.
  • Play the movie Saturday Night Fever [Blu-ray] with the sound on mute for atmosphere.
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Disco Party Games

  • Good disco music is the best entertainment at your dance party. Include Donna Summer, Bee Gees, Kool and the Gang, the Village People, Sly and the Family Stone…search online and you’ll find plenty more!
  • Do the Hustle dance or the Bump dance
  • Play Twister or Ouija Board…both were popular in the 70’s.
  • Give prizes to best dressed girl, best dressed guy, funkiest shoes, etc.
  • Hula hoop contest set to music – You’ll need lots of hula hoops so a big group can compete together. First have everyone begin using the hoops. Then call out different commands like stand on one foot, touch your head, or turn around. Anyone who drops their hula hoop is out. Keep playing until only one person is left and is the winner.
  • Dance Elimination – All the guests begin dancing and the DJ stops the music and calls out a number. The guests must quickly put themselves into groups of that number, and anyone left without a group is out of the game. Continue dancing and calling out numbers until there are only two dancers left, and they both are the winners.

Disco Party Food

Serve food that was popular in the 70’s like:

  • Submarine sandwiches
  • Cocktail meatballs served with toothpicks
  • Celery stuffed with peanut butter or cream cheese dip
  • Chex mix
  • Bugles, Ruffles and onion dip
  • Fondue was popular, so include a chocolate dessert fondue with strawberries, chunks of pineapple, marshmallows and cubes of pound cake to dip.
  • Dr. Pepper and 7-Up soda, Kool Aid, Tang, lemonade, and virgin daiquiris.
  • Cupcakes frosted yellow with a smiley face design.

Disco Party Favors

Choose party favors like:

  • disco ball earrings
  • mood ring
  • peace sign necklace
  • tie dyed shirt
  • something with a yellow smiley face
  • a mini lava lamp
  • a CD of disco songs

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