Teen Girl Fashion Show Party Ideas

Invite all your best girlfriends to a Next Top Model party and let everyone get creative in choosing their outfits for the runway! A fashion show party is a great choice for teen girls, who love to dress up and try new makeup styles. Shop now for Fashionista party supplies, personalized banner, favors, and more.

Fashion Show Party Invitations

To design fashion show party invitations yourself, use a photo of a famous runway model and wording something like this:

The [your name] Modeling Agency Invites You To an Exclusive Fashion Show!
Get ready to pose your way to the top in a modeling competition! Are you ready to bring it on?
Models should bring three outfits: formal, blue jean casual, and celebrity, plus make-up and hair supplies.

Fashion Show Party Decorations

  • Choose pink, black and silver as the color scheme for balloons, streamers and tableware.
  • Blow up photos of models from fashion magazines to decorate walls.
  • Use a long piece of black fabric to create a catwalk for the models to strut their stuff.
  • Hang silver stars from the ceiling.
  • Hang a piece of solid color fabric for the backdrop of the photo shoot.
  • Set up a table to use as the models’ hair and make-up station. Provide plenty of mirrors.
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Fashion Show Party Games

If your budget allows:

  1. Hire a photographer who can provide a simple background and take pictures of all the girls.
  2. Book a make-up artist from your local salon to come to the party and apply make-up.
  3. Rent a limo for two hours and use it to pick up all the guests, and then drive around town before arriving at the party.

Fashion Show – When all guests have arrived, everyone should change into their first outfit. Take turns walking down the catwalk to the photo shoot. Photographer can take 10 pictures of each girl. Then do the same with the second and third outfits.

Judges – Have several moms as the judges and they will decide the winners in categories such as Brightest Smile, Best Runway Walk, Best Photo Shoot (for each of the three outfits), Best Use of Accessories, Most Fashionable Hairstyle, etc. Have a prize or trophy to give the winners.

Video – Arrange for a parent or sibling to videotape the fashion show, and then watch it after all the winners have been announced.

Time to Relax – Watch a movie like:

  1. The Devil Wears Prada starring Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep wearing high fashion in New York and Paris.
  2. Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst, which is full of lavish scenes of French fashion.

Fashion Show Party Food

  • Pizza
  • Mini egg rolls
  • Veggie platter
  • Lots of different chips and dip, pretzels and popcorn
  • Lots of non-alcoholic drinks like sparkling apple juice in wine glasses, virgin lemonade margaritas, soda, and water.

Fashion Show Party Favors

  • False eyelashes
  • Lip gloss
  • Compact mirror
  • Candy

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