glee partyIs someone at your home a fan of the TV show Glee? It’s a huge hit and would make a terrific party theme for your child’s birthday.

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Glee Party Invitations

Invitation wording could be:
Calling all GLEEKS!
You’re invited to a New Directions audition party!

Or create your own personalized Glee party invitations.

Glee Party Decorations

  • You could choose red and yellow (to coordinate with the Glee logo and posters) as the main color for streamers, balloons, and table covers. Or go with purple as a nod to the purple slushies in the show.
  • The show is about music, so use any musical items like music notes or balloons shaped like musical instruments. Microphones are a good choice, too, and it’s easy to find inflatable microphone decorations.
  • Get a few posters from the show to hang on the walls.
  • Use school items to decorate, like backpacks, pencils, and notebooks.

Glee Party Games

  • You could ask guests to come dressed as their favorite Glee character, and vote for the best-dressed. Give a copy of the Glee soundtrack as the prize. Oh yeah, have peel and stick name tags for everyone to wear just in case it’s a bit difficult to guess which character they are trying to create.
  • Make up your own Glee trivia questions. Include some easy questions as well as a few tough ones. This website has Glee trivia questions you could use. And fanpop has more Glee trivia.
  • You’ll definitely want some singing, so use a karaoke machine with songs from the show. Divide the guests into teams and stage a competition, or pretend to audition for Glee Club. If you own a Wii, there is a game out called Karaoke Revolution Glee.
  • Watch a favorite Glee episode.
  • Make “Cheerios” edible necklaces using these directions.

Glee Party Food

  • Use any lunch boxes you own, open them and line with a napkin to hold rolls, cookies, chips, etc.
  • Sue Sylvester’s “Cheerios” Snack Mix – using any of the snack mix recipes from the cereal’s website.
  • “Cheerios” marshmallow bars using this recipe.
  • You’ll want to serve purple slushies, of course.
  • Make a sign that says “Bake Sale” for the dessert table.
  • Star shaped cookies frosted with golden icing.
  • Cupcakes that look like a microphone.
  • More ideas for Glee cupcakes.
  • Big Quench cupcakes inspired by Glee.

Glee Party Favors

  • Gold star stickers
  • Mini box of Cheerios (or a baggie of the Cheerio snack mix from the food ideas tab)
  • Knee socks
  • Coach’s whistle (like Sue Sylvester uses)
  • Glee soundtrack

Helpful Links:

Link to official Fox television Glee website

Shop now for Glee party supplies.