Plan a Limo theme party for a fun night out with a group of friends! A limousine party is a great teen party idea because you can stop for dinner, see local landmarks, or just drive around eating snacks and watching DVD’s.

Limo Party Invitations

When making your own limo party invitations, use wording like:

Let’s Party Like a Rock Star! You’re Invited to [name]’s Limo Party. Limo leaves at [time]. Meet at [name]’s house and don’t be late!

Or send personalized Limo Party Invitations.

Limo Party Decorations

  • Run a red carpet (or a roll of red wrapping paper) from your door to the driveway to help your guests feel like stars when they walk to the limo.
  • Before the party, make a CD of your favorite party music and hand it to the limo driver to play.
  • Hand out disposable cameras for your friends to take pictures of each other in the limo.
  • Most limos have their own lighting inside for a hip, club feeling, plus glasses for drinks, and a TV for entertainment. This means you won’t need much in the way of decorations inside the limo.

Limo Party Activities

Plan the route you want the limo driver to take during the evening. You may want to stop several times to take pictures or for a bite to eat. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Drive to a restaurant for dinner.
  • Have the driver take a tour of local landmarks such as famous buildings, statues and parks.
  • Stop for ice cream.
  • Head to the local mall for a walk-through, then jump back into the limo.
  • Drop each guest off at their home so their family can see them getting out of the limo, or bring everyone back to your house to watch a movie.

Limo Party Food

  1. The easiest food option is to stop at a restaurant for food. You can sit down and order a meal, or bring carryout orders back into the limo and eat while driving around.
  2. Or stock the limo with soda, bottled water and plenty of snack packages like chips, popcorn, candy and cookies.
  3. Serve sparkling grape juice in champagne glasses. The limo will usually provide the glasses and let you bring your own drinks.
  4. Order personalized paper napkins to use in the limo for extra fun.

Limo Party Favors

  • Feather boa
  • Nail polish
  • Fancy/diva t-shirt
  • Hair accessories
  • For guys-sunglasses or a keychain
  • King sized chocolate bar
  • Shop now for great Limo Party favors.