Teen Luau Party

To celebrate the end of school or a summer birthday, nothing beats a Hawaiian Luau Party! Our Luau Party ideas will help you plan a teen party your friends will never forget! We’ll help you create a Hawaiian theme using luau decorations, luau party food, plus luau party games to keep the guests entertained!

Luau Party Invitations

  • To design your own luau party invitation, use images of a man’s Hawaiian shirt and a grass skirt, then add your wording.
  • You can add a note asking guests to wear luau colors, or dress as a tacky tourist.
  • For a luau pool party or beach party, add a reminder to bring swimsuits and towels.
  • Or send personalized luau party invitations.

Welcome Your Guests

  • Hang a sign or personalized banner that says “Aloha! Welcome to [name]’s Luau Party!”
  • Make name tags for guests using their Hawaiian name. You can translate names at many websites such as this: Translate Names to Hawaiian.
  • Hand everyone a flower lei as they arrive, and for the girls you can also have a flower hair clip or grass skirt.

Luau Party Decorations

  • Line your walk or an area in the yard with tiki torches.
  • Hang nylon fish nets over the fences or on a wall indoors. Tuck some seashells and starfish into the netting.
  • Tiki masks ,beach towels to sit on and beach balls.
  • Hang paper lanterns and strings of twinkling (Christmas-type) lights for a party at night.
  • Turn on some Hawaiian luau music in the background, or surf music like the Beach Boys.
  • If you own a pop-up canopy, beach umbrella or surfboard, use them to add more beach atmosphere.
  • If you want to play a movie the background, try some that take place in Hawaii like Elvis Presley’s Blue Hawaii, the surfing movie North Shore, 50 First Dates, or Lilo and Stitch.

Table and Chair Luau Party Decorations

  • Cover tables with fabric in a tropical design. Add a grass skirt type of fringe around the tables.
  • Table Centerpiece Ideas – Use glass bowls filled with water, floating candles, and a flower. Or use real pineapples with helium balloons attached. Or use bowls of seashells.
  • Make lots of big tissue paper flowers to tie to chairs using these directions.
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Luau Party Games

Hula Hoop Contest – Play music while the guests use the hula hoops. See who can hula the longest, who can hula using their arms, who can stand on one foot, etc.

Water Balloon Volleyball – All team members hold the edges of a large beach towel and use it to toss a water balloon over the net. The other team tries to catch it with their beach towel, and toss it back over the net. Score a point whenever a team misses the balloon, drops it from their towel, or if it breaks. A variation can be played by putting five water balloons on the towel at a time.

Coconut Bowling – Before the party find three empty 2 liter plastic bottles and fill them about one third with water. Let the guests take turns bowling a coconut to knock down the bottles. You could also use three pineapples instead of the empty bottles.

Limbo – Use a CD of luau music or make your own with songs like Lovely Hula Hands, the Hukilau song, Under the Limbo Stick and Limbo Rock. How low can you go?

Dance Music – For a party with dancing, make a playlist of popular dance songs plus some hula music thrown in for fun.

Fancy Flip Flops – Decorate flip flops with artificial flowers and a hot glue gun.

Luau Party Food

  • Decorate the food table with whole pineapples and coconuts (or bananas, if you can’t find coconuts), and outline the edge of the table with a grass skirt and twinkle lights.
  • Create a tiki bar area for serving fruit drinks, virgin pina coladas, soda and water. Serve drinks in tiki cups and add paper drink umbrellas.
  • Serve chips or other food in new, clean sand pails.
  • Fruit kabobs made with chunks of pineapple, grapes and strawberries.
  • Teriyaki chicken kabobs made with chicken and pineapple.
  • Cold kabobs made with chunks of ham, cheese cubes, and maraschino cherries.
  • Hawaiian style pizza made with ham and pineapple as the toppings.
  • Make a 9×13” cake look like a beach scene with these easy directions from Family Fun.

Luau Party Favors

  • Flower leis
  • Tiki cup
  • Suntan lotion
  • Beach ball
  • Candy

More Resources for a Hawaiian Luau Party:

  1. Hawaii’s official website with lots of fun information about the islands.
  2. Directions for making a Beach Scene Luau Cake.
  3. Directions for making tissue paper flowers.
  4. Learn fun facts about Hawaiian Luaus.
  5. Luau party supplies:
    Shop luau decorations and favors.