A scavenger hunt party is a great teen party idea because it takes guests to one of their favorite places-the mall! After the hunt is over and the guests are ready to relax, take everyone back to your house for food, a movie or a sleepover.

Mall Scavenger Hunt Party Invitations

Design your Scavenger Hunt Party invitations to look like a credit card with each guest’s name on their invite. Use word processing software on your computer and then buy heavy cardstock to print them so the invitations feel similar to a real credit card. Or send personalized party invitations.

Mall Scavenger Hunt Party Decorations

If everyone is coming back to your house after the scavenger hunt, decorate the food table with a fun tablecloth and balloon clusters, plus party plates and napkins. Shop now for shopping mall party supplies:

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How to Organize a Mall Scavenger Hunt

Behavior Guidelines – Remember, your party is taking place inside a business. Every shop in the mall is trying to serve customers and sell their products, so don’t let party guests act rude, run, or scream during the scavenger hunt. Everyone should be polite to salespeople and other shoppers. Plus, acting courteous is the best way to get help in finding the items on the list! Also, you’ll want an adult (like your mom) to be in the mall to help with clues or just keep an eye on the teams.

Divide guests into two or more teams, give each team a copy of the scavenger hunt list, and when the time is up, a location where they all should meet. You may want to be sure each team has a cell phone to call the adult in charge if necessary. Whichever team finds the most items in the allotted time is the winner.

  1. Mall Scavenger Hunt – Make a list of free items to find in a typical mall, and include things like a perfume sample, restaurant take-out menu, store catalog, empty cup from the coffee shop, printed coupon, paper napkins from two food outlets, two different store bags with logo on them, empty shoe box, paper toilet seat cover, map of the mall, two gift card envelopes from different stores, etc. A variation on this theme is to give each team the same amount of money and a list of small items to buy.
  2. Shopping Without Cash, a.k.a. the photo scavenger hunt – Each team needs a digital camera to take a photo of themselves with the items on the list as they find them. The first team back with a photo of each item on the list is the winner. This hunt should include items like a mom pushing a stroller, a couple holding hands, a movie poster, red children’s shoes, a mall cop, a team member trying on makeup, fast food, several team members posing with a store mannequin, etc.
  3. Solve the Clues Scavenger Hunt – Click here for complete directions for this type of fun mall scavenger hunt where the guests must solve clues to figure out what they should hunt for next.
  4. All One Color Scavenger Hunt – This type of hunt should be played with digital cameras, so teams can simply take a photo of items as they are found. Pick a color and all the items on the scavenger hunt list must be in that color. Items for this list could include a shopping bag, hat, high heeled shoes, a store sign, a food item, socks, men’s tie, necklace, purse, store display, balloon, children’s shoe, etc.

Mall Scavenger Hunt Party Food

After the scavenger hunt is over, have dinner at a restaurant in the mall, or go back to your house for food, dessert and a movie.

Mall Scavenger Hunt Party Favors

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