Invite your friends over for a night of movies, food and a movie trivia contest.

Movie Party Invitations

Design your movie night party invitations with an image of a tub of popcorn or a photo of the famous Hollywood sign in LA.

Movie Party Decorations

  • You’ll want dim lighting in the movie-watching room.
  • Use clear twinkle lights to make a lighted path into the room
  • Choose red, black and gold as the colors for tablecloths, balloons, etc.
  • Use big gold stars and print one person’s name in each, like the Hollywood Walk of Fame stars.
  • Arrange the food table to look similar to the concession stand at a movie theater.
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Movie Party Entertainment

  1. Watch movies, of course. Ask some of the guests to bring their favorite movie DVDs and let everyone vote on which movie to watch first.
  2. Movie Trivia Contest – Pick a few movies that everyone knows and look up trivia questions online before the party. Print the questions on slips of paper and people can take turns picking one of them and trying to answer the question. For movie trivia ideas, try Fun

Movie Party Food

  • Pizza
  • Popcorn – get some fun choices to flavor the popcorn and let people choose, such as grated Parmesan cheese, white cheddar cheese powdered seasoning, nacho seasoning, Old Bay seasoning, Cajun seasoning, ranch, cinnamon sugar, etc.
  • Nachos
  • Boxes of candy like they sell at the movies
  • Sodas and bottled water
  • Go with cupcakes to avoid the hassle of cutting a large cake

Movie Party Favors

  • Blockbuster gift card
  • Popcorn flavored jelly belly candy
  • Boxes of movie-style candy like Sno Caps or Twizzlers
  • Package of microwave popcorn
  • King size chocolate bar
  • And pack your favors in a Plastic Popcorn Box.

For movie info, check out Rotten Tomatoes movie reviews.

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