Hollywood Star Teen Party

A Movie Star party is all about dressing up like a glamorous Hollywood star and having fun. A movie star theme is a great teen party idea that lets you treat all your friends like real stars! Shop now and Save 10% on Hollywood Party Supplies.

Movie Star Party Invitations

Design your movie star party invitations to look like a VIP ticket to a movie premiere. State on the invitation that guests should dress as their favorite movie star.

Movie Star Party Decorations

  • Choose a color scheme of black/gold or red/black/silver.
  • Roll out a red carpet runner leading up to your door, and add a few spotlights shining on your house.
  • Ask parents or siblings to act as the paparazzi as guests arrive, and take pictures of everyone walking on the red carpet.
  • Place large balloon bunches on either side of the party entrance.
  • Hang a personalized banner welcoming guests to your star-studded Hollywood premiere party.
  • Let guests enter the party room through a metallic fringe curtain.
  • Place a few life-sized cardboard stand ups of famous stars inside the party room to greet guests. This will also be a fun place to pose for pictures.
  • Decorate inside with clear white Christmas lights, balloon bunches, and metallic stars.
  • Hang posters of your favorite movie stars.
  • Write each guest’s name on a star similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If there’s no floor space left, attach them to walls or hang from ceiling.
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Movie Star Party Games

  1. Have a friend or adult rush up to each guest as they arrive with a video camera and tape a brief interview. These interviews will be shown later in the evening.
  2. If dancing will be the main activity, have lots of dance floor giveaways like metallic sunglasses, top hats, academy award bead necklaces, etc.
  3. Movie Trivia – Before the party, make up lots of trivia questions about movies that your guests will have seen. At the party, divide into teams to answer the trivia questions, and the winning team members should receive an Oscar trophy.
  4. Who Am I? Game – Make a stack of cards with a celebrity’s name on each. One at a time, guests pick a card from the stack and everyone must ask yes/no questions to figure out who it is. Whoever guesses correctly goes next.
  5. Starring Role – Divide guests into teams and hand each team a scene from a famous movie. Teams then have 15 minutes to rehearse their scene. Videotape the performances, and have parents judge the winners in categories like Best Script, Best Actor, Best Actress, Most Entertaining, Most Original, Best Overall Movie, etc. Hand out mini Oscar trophies to all the winners.
  6. Movie Time – Play back the video of guests arriving at the party and being interviewed, and the team performances. This should be a lot of fun and very funny!

Movie Star Party Food

  • Small bites of food are less messy to eat when everyone is dressed up. Serve food on silver and black trays.
  • Choose lots of appetizer foods like mini egg rolls, mini meatballs, a veggie platter and a fruit and cheese tray. Serve with lots of frilly toothpicks.
  • Different chips and dip, pretzels and popcorn
  • Lots of different candies.
  • Non-alcoholic drinks like sparkling apple juice in champagne glasses, virgin lemonade margaritas and soda.
  • Mini cupcakes and brownie bites served on tiered plates.

Movie Star Party Favors

  • Photo frame shaped like a movie director’s clapboard.
  • Black fedora for guys
  • Rhinestone sunglasses for girls
  • Director’s clapboard keychain
  • Plastic champagne glass filled with chocolate kisses and wrapped in cellophane.

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