A nightclub dance party uses decorations to transform your party space into a nightclub. Rent out a large space if you want to invite lots of people, or have a home nightclub party if you can clear out a large area for the dance floor. Maybe your garage, basement or family room can be used for dancing? You could even have a friend dress in black, including sunglasses, as the bouncer at the door with a list of guests who will be let into the club.

Nightclub Dance Party Invitations

Design your dance party invitations to look like a Nightclub VIP Pass. Include instructions to dress up as if they are coming to a club. Print the invitations on cardstock so they feel like real tickets.

Nightclub Dance Party Decorations

  • Cover all windows to block out light, hang black lights all around the dance floor, and put dark colored light bulbs into other light fixtures. This will give you that dark, club feeling on the dance floor. You do need some light, so don’t make it totally dark.
  • Hang a disco ball over the middle of the dance floor with a spotlight aimed at it.Use a fog machine to blow fog onto the dance floor. Add a strobe light.
  • Hang a fringe curtain over the doorway into the dance area. Add some seating areas around the edge of the dance floor so people have a place to sit when they need a break or are eating.
  • Provide glow necklaces for guests to wear.
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Nightclub Party Games

Good music is the most important part of the entertainment. Either hire a DJ or ask an older friend to handle the music because you want to keep everyone moving on the dance floor. Spend some time choosing a playlist of popular dance tunes, including some techno music and R&B. Get the edited versions of the songs.

Sometime during the party you may need an activity to get people back out on the dance floor. A hired DJ will have his own games, but if a friend is handling the music, here’s an idea:

Dance Elimination – All the guests begin dancing and the DJ stops the music and calls out a number. The guests must quickly put themselves into groups of that number, and anyone left without a group is out of the game. Continue dancing and calling out numbers until there are only two dancers left, and they both are the winners.

Nightclub Dance Party Food

  • Pizza
  • Nachos
  • Chicken wings
  • Bowls of nuts, pretzels and popcorn
  • Lots of non-alcoholic drinks like sparkling apple juice, virgin margaritas, virgin strawberry daiquiris, soda, and plenty of water.
  • Serve all the drinks in “real” drink glasses like martini, margarita or wine glasses

Dance Party Favors

  • Disco ball earrings
  • Glow sticks
  • CD of dance songs
  • King sized candy bar

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