Red Carpet Party for Teens

A red carpet party is all about Hollywood glamour, fun and celebrity. Your movie star party can have a specific theme like “A Night at the Oscars” or “Glamorous Hollywood”. A red carpet theme is a great teen party idea because all your guests will feel like a movie star! Shop now and save 10% on Red Carpet Party Supplies.

Red Carpet Party Invitations

  • Let your invitation show guests that they’ll be treated like stars at your party! Design (or purchase) invitations that look like a ticket to an awards ceremony.
  • Use wording like “Walk the Red Carpet at [name]’s Party!”
  • Say on the invitation that guests should dress up Hollywood style or as their favorite celebrity.
  • Add wording that red carpet arrivals will be photographed until 8p.m. (This will make sure guests are all photographed before your “paparazzi” have to leave.)

Red Carpet Party Decorations

  • Choose a color scheme of black/gold or red/black/silver.
  • Welcome guests with a walk down the red carpet using a red aisle runner.
  • Ask parents or siblings to act as the paparazzi as guests arrive, and take pictures of everyone walking on the red carpet.
  • You may need to provide a few props for guests to wear in the photos, like feather boas, long gloves, sunglasses and fedora hats.
  • Place large balloon bunches on either side of the party entrance.
  • Hang a personalized banner that says “Walk the Red Carpet at [name]’s Movie Star Party!”
  • Decorate inside with clear white Christmas lights, balloon bunches, and metallic stars.
  • Frame pictures of favorite movie stars.
  • Create glam table décor with a vase of branches from your yard. Paint the branches with metallic silver or gold spray paint, and loop Mardi Gras bead necklaces over some of the branches.
  • Write each guest’s name on a star similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If there’s no floor space left, attach them to walls or hang from ceiling.
  • Light candles and set them on a mirror tile to reflect a warm glow.
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Red Carpet Party Games

  1. After each guest is photographed on the red carpet, have an adult pin the name of a movie star onto their back. When everyone is inside, they ask each other yes/no questions to figure out their identity.
  2. Awards Voting – Hand out ballots for guests to vote on different categories such as best dressed girl, best dressed guy, best hairstyle, best movie star walk, best celebrity outfit-female, best celebrity outfit-male, best dancer, best comedy performance, best shoes, best movie star make-up, best accessories, best movie star smile, etc. Have an adult add up all the ballots to determine the winners.
  3. Dancing – While the ballots are being counted, guests can dance and enjoy the food and drinks.
  4. Red Carpet Awards – After the votes have been counted, announce the winners in each category, and give them an Oscar-style trophy. You may want to give a trophy to the runner up in the two best dressed categories (girl and guy), to allow more winners.

Red Carpet Party Food

  • Keep the food small and easy to eat, since guests are dressed-up. Serve food on silver and black trays.
  • Appetizer foods like mini egg rolls, mini meatballs, and a fruit and cheese tray are all good choices. Serve with lots of frilly toothpicks.
  • Sparkling white grape juice served in champagne glasses.
  • Serve non-alcoholic Red Carpet virgin martinis. Add one ounce of cranberry juice to three ounces of white grape juice, and serve in a martini glass.
  • Mini cupcakes and brownie bites served on tiered plates.

Red Carpet Party Favors

  • Plastic champagne glass filled with chocolate kisses and wrapped in cellophane.
  • Photo frame in metallic color, star shape, or director’s clapboard shape.
  • Black fedora for guys
  • Director’s clapboard keychain
  • Rhinestone sunglasses for girls
  • Shimmery lip gloss

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