A Mall Scavenger Hunt with Clues

Once you know how many guests are coming, divide them into teams of 5-6 and pick one person to be the team leader. One or two parents will need to be on hand at the mall to keep track of the teams and help with clues. You may want one adult at the mall for every ten guests. They can keep an eye on the teams from a distance, and help if needed.

Each team will need:

  1. team leader
  2. copy of the list of clues
  3. cell phone
  4. digital camera
  5. tote bag
  6. map of the mall
  7. pen and notebook

Scavenger Hunt Rules

  • Team members should always stay together.
  • Be polite and courteous to salespeople and other shoppers in the mall.
  • If you pick something up or try something on, make sure you put it back where you found it.
  • Follow whatever directions your team leader gives you.
  • Call Mrs. [name] at [phone number] if you have any questions or problems.

List of Clues

Use the stores in your local mall to make up a set of clues for the teams to solve. When they solve a clue, the team should go to that place in the mall and take a digital photo to prove they figured out the clue. Some clues can have an extra activity to keep the teens challenged.

There are different stores in every mall, so adjust the clues below to fit your local mall. These are suggestions to help you plan the scavenger hunt. Tip: Use the same clues for each team but mix up the order so the teams will not be going to the same stores at the same time.

  1. Clue: Go to the fruitiest store in the mall. (Answer: Apple Computer)
    Activity: Send a text message to me at [mom’s cell phone number].
  2. Clue: ‘Tis the store to be merry…Fa la la la la la la la la la … (Answer: Deck the Halls)
    Activity: Stand outside Deck the Halls and sing “Jingle Bells”. Have your team leader video you singing.
  3. Clue: The most twisted restaurant in the mall. (Answer: Auntie Anne’s Pretzels)
  4. Clue: [name]’s favorite place to get a drink. (Answer: Starbuck’s Coffee Shop)
    Activity: Get a cup from Starbuck’s and ask at least one of the workers at Starbuck’s sign it.
  5. Clue: It wouldn’t be cake without this. (Answer: Icing Accessories Store)
  6. Clue: Your mom’s a 50. Your dad’s a 70. What’s YOUR number? (Answer: Sleep Number by Select Comfort Mattress Store)
  7. Clue: _____ what???? (Answer: Guess Clothing)
  8. Clue: Walk, don’t run and find your way, to a planter outside of CPK. (Answer: Planter outside of California Pizza Kitchen)
  9. Clue: Your clue is just where you’d expect this race to end. (Answer: Finish Line Shoe Store)
  10. Clue: If our country’s President was a woman, he’d shop here. (Answer: Black Market/White House Clothing)
  11. Clue: It’s not 6 East. (Answer: 9 West)
  12. Clue: Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Macy’s needs five or six mannequins that look just like YOU! (Answer: Macy’s Department Store)
    Activity: Camera Opportunity – Each team member must pose with a mannequin in Macy’s. Minimum posing time is 30 seconds. Pictures required. Be careful and don’t knock over the mannequins!!
  13. Clue: The color on your cheeks. You could use a little mora. Hurry up and sample some blush. I’d suggest you try _____. (Answer: Sephora Makeup Store)
    Activity: Sample some blush.
  14. Clue: Vendor…vendor…who are you? Interviewing a kiosk worker would be an interesting thing to do! Ask your team leader for instructions.
    Activity: Interview one of the vendors at the mall and learn the following: Vendor’s name; Their home town; What they like most about their job; The funniest thing that’s happened to them on their job; Two other questions of your choice; Get a picture of the team with the vendor;

Extra Challenge:

Pose your team in front of a store window for a photo, and we will compare all the team photos later. Think of something clever to do that will make your team’s photo the best!

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