Do this first!

To reserve a spot at your local beach, call the town hall to confirm your date, and be sure to ask about any rules that may apply. Will they allow you to bring a grill? Arrive at the beach early on party day to set up your area for the guests.

Beach Invitations

Print something like this on your invitations:

  1. Catch a Wave to [name]’s Beach Party!  (or)
  2. Splish, Splash it’s [name]’s Beach Bash!

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Beach Party Decorations

  • Several bunches of helium balloons are really the only decorations you’ll need to bring to the beach. Tie the balloon bunches to a couple of beach chairs to mark the location of your party. This will help guests find you as they arrive.
  • A pop up canopy, for some shade.
  • Bring beach balls, Frisbees and footballs, plus beach chairs and a few bottles of spray-on sunscreen.
  • Hand out flower leis to everybody as they arrive.
  • Bring a music player and summer beach music.

Beach Games

  1. Volleyball – Bring a Volleyball Set.
  2. Sandcastle Building Contest
  3. Tug-of-War – First, dig a hole in the sand and let it fill with sea water. Then place a long rope across the water with the teams standing along the rope on either side of the hole. Each team lines pulls together to drag the other team into the water.
  4. Beach Scavenger Hunt – Make a list of about 20 items that could be found at the beach. Divide guests into teams and set a time limit of one hour. Whichever team returns on time with the most items from the list is the winner. Some items to include in the scavenger hunt could be a feather, large leaf, piece of seaweed, crab shell, an unbroken seashell, piece of string, water bottle, beach hat, flip flop, smooth stone, piece of sea glass, crab claw, any part of a fish, 4 different colored seashells, empty soda can, etc.
  5. Surf Lessons – Hire a surfing instructor to teach guests how to surf.
  6. Limbo – Bring a Limbo Kit and a CD of summer music, or make your own with songs from the Beach Boys, Bob Marley, Under the Limbo stick and Limbo Rock. How low can you go?

Beach Party Food

  • Lots of bottled water and soft drinks
  • If the beach allows grills, make burgers and hot dogs. Otherwise, bring sub sandwiches or wraps.
  • Sliced fruit like cantaloupe and watermelon, plus strawberries and grapes.
  • Snack foods like tortilla chips and salsa.
  • Make your own Beach Birthday Cake with these easy directions from Family Fun.

Beach Party Favors

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