Whether it’s for graduation or a summer birthday, teens love a pool party! These pool party ideas work well if you want to invite both guys and girls for a relaxed, fun, summer teen party.

Where to Have the Pool Party

If your family home includes a pool, great! If not, try to reserve the local community pool or rent the pool at a nearby hotel.

Safety Guidelines

The host of the party is responsible for everyone’s safety, so hang a brief list of pool rules. You want all your guests to have fun, but a careless move could get someone hurt. If a guest acts inappropriately, have a parent speak to him/her.

Pool Party Invitations

To make pool party invitations yourself, find clip art of a pool raft and use wording like this:

  1. Splish, Splash It’s a Birthday Bash! (or)
  2. Catch a Wave Over to [name]’s Pool Party!

Or send personalized Pool Party invitations.

Pool Party Decorations

  • The pool is the main attraction at this party, so decorate the pool area with clusters of balloons in blue and yellow.
  • Create your own playlist of summer music.
  • Set out extra chairs, shade umbrellas or a pop-up canopy, and sunscreen.
  • Supply a few beach balls and inflatable rafts.
  • Some guests may be self-conscious and decide not to get in the water, so create a seating area next to the pool where guests can hang out.
  • Clean the pool and surrounding area the day before your party. Sparkling water will encourage guests to swim.
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Pool Party Games

Start with some beach balls and pool rafts in the water. If you need to break the ice and get everyone to enjoy the pool, try some of these pool party games:

  1. Marco Polo, water tag, pool volleyball and pool basketball.
  2. Raft Attack – Have all the kids climb on two or three pool rafts and then try to pull other teams into the water. The team with someone still on their raft at the end is the winner.
  3. Diving Game – Toss quarters into the pool and have guests dive in two at a time to see who can retrieve the most coins.
  4. Navy Seals – Race across the pool while pushing a beach ball with their nose (like a seal).
  5. A piñata filled with LifeSavers candies could be fun.

Pool Party Food

  • Burgers, hot dogs, or grilled chicken
  • Fruit kabobs made with strawberries, grapes and melon balls.
  • Watermelon slices
  • Tortilla chips and Salsa
  • Pita Chips and Hummus Dip
  • Drinks – Have plenty of drinks available like bottled water, lemonade, virgin strawberry daiquiris and soda.
  • Popsicles and Ice Cream Bars
  • Snow Cones – Rent a snow cone maker for the day.
  • Serve an ice cream cake for dessert.

Pool Party Favors

Flip N Sip Bottle Blue EachSassy Sandals Black Size 6 PairBeach Balls Dozen

  • pair of flip flops
  • personalized water bottle
  • beach ball
  • shell necklace

Or choose personalized party favors.

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