Twilight DVD party or Twilight release party

Throw a Twilight party and watch a Twilight DVD, or plan a Twilight release party for the next movie in the popular series about Bella, Edward and Jacob. A Twilight party is a perfect teen party for fans of the movies and books.

Twilight Party Invitations

Design your Twilight party invitation on white paper, then cut it smaller than a piece of black cardstock and glue it on. There should be a black border showing all around the white paper. Add a small red ribbon tied into a bow and glued in the top corner. For an authentic look, use the Twilight font from this website and wording like this:

Don’t Try to Resist….
Come to [name]’s Twilight Party
Time: 6 p.m. at Twilight
Dress in black or red…and get ready to be dazzled!

Twilight Party Decorations

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  • Set the table with a black table cover, and use Twilight theme plates and stadium cups. Add    matching napkins tied with black ribbon.
  • Choose red and black as the colors for balloons and streamers.
  • Use black and white candles at different heights down the center of the table.
  • Play a Twilight movie soundtrack as your background music.
  • Decorate with symbols from the books like a bowl of red apples, red ribbons tied onto the dining chairs, a vase of ruffled tulips and chess pieces.
  • Hang some clear twinkle lights around doorways and windows to resemble the prom scene in the first movie.
  • Print photos of Bella, Edward and Jacob, and any other favorite characters and set them in black picture frames on tables.
  • Provide silver glitter body spray for the guests to make themselves sparkle like the vampires.
  • Hang a Twilight personalized banner on the wall.
  • Have a large cardboard stand-up of characters like Edward, Jacob and Bella to greet your guests as they arrive.
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Twilight Party Games

  1. Twilight Quotes Contest – Choose lots of quotes from the books or movies. Write each quote on a small piece of paper and let the guests take turns trying to identify the quote. You can require them to tell which character said it, and for a bonus point, name the book or movie it’s from. Divide the guests into two teams and call them Team Jacob and Team Edward. You’ll find lots of Twilight quotes here.
  2. Twilight Trivia Game – Make up your own trivia questions from the Twilight stories and write each one on a slip of paper. Create questions about Edward’s cars (what model, what color…), different food Bella eats (what was her snack at Push beach), facts about Jacob’s history, etc. Write each on a slip of paper and let the guests take turns trying to answer correctly. Divide the guests into two teams and call them Team Swan and Team Cullen.
  3. Twilight Scavenger Hunt – Hide two of the following items in your house or yard: red apples, chess pieces, vampire teeth, fancy MatchBox cars, bandages, glitter body spray, umbrellas, forks, red carnations and small photos of the main characters. Divide the guests into two teams and send them out to find one of each item.
  4. Twilight Bookmarks – Use heavy cardstock to print out these great printable Twilight bookmarks. Let everyone choose their favorite and finish them using loops of thin black ribbon and a couple of black beads or a charm tied to the ends.
  5. Twilight Word Puzzle – Print out a stack of these Twilight word search puzzles. Set them on a table with pens and let guests work on them during the party.
  6. Bella’s Bracelet Design – Let everyone design their own bracelet using thin black ribbon, beads, and moon shaped charms.
  7. Twilight Movie Time – After enjoying some of the games listed above, show a DVD of the Twilight movie. Relax, snack on popcorn and treats, and enjoy your favorite scenes from the movie one more time.

Twilight Party Food

  • For your menu, choose Italian or vegetarian. Italian food like pasta and salad is similar to the first time Bella met the Cullen family and they tried to cook Italian for her. A vegetarian meal could include Gardenburger brand of veggie burgers that Bella ordered with her dad in the diner scene.
  • Serve bottled red drinks like black cherry soda or Izze brand sparkling pomegranate juice.
  • Red and Black Candy Bar – Serve black and red candy in clear glass jars, and line them up on the counter alternating between red and black. Some candies to use are jelly beans, licorice bites, sour cherry balls, M&M’s and gummy raspberries. Add a bowl of red foil Hershey kisses labeled Vampire Kisses, and include a clear glass filled with red licorice Twizzlers, which Bella ate during the beach scene in the first movie.
  • Werewolf Cookies – For Team Jacob fans, bake sugar cookies with a dog bone shaped cookie cutter.
  • For the perfect dessert, make this chocolate vampire moon cake
  • Twilight inspired sugar cookies – apples, tulips, red ribbons and chess pieces.
  • Vampire Kiss Cookies
  • If you really feel bold, try this Twilight chessboard cake.

Twilight Party Favors

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